Wrapping, glamping, internals walls, wires and pipes

After some impressive times putting up the exterior walls and the roof the last weeks there was progress on different areas.

Finish the beams, structure and roof above the deck area and the exterior timber framing of our roof design.

Sealing, taping, wrapping and batten the exterior walls and window openings in preparation for the cladding and windows. Waterproofing several high window areas.


We also spend our first night in our home. Felt a bit like glamping sleeping in a sheltered space but still exposed to the elements with no windows. Nice to experience the first sunset, stars at night and morning light coming into the house.


With the internal wall framing up the lay-out of the house is starting to take shape. Bathroom in the middle and 2 bedrooms in the end.


A first glimp of the loft space. It feels actually bigger and more useful as anticipated as the maximum height is only 1.6 m so might get some good use out of it beside extra storage space.


With the internal walls in also the first steps have been made on installation of the electrical wires and plumbing.


Next up: windows and cladding



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