Our deadline and planning

Planning and schedules are made so you can change them but for a pretty long time now we have set our mind on “drinking a glass of wine, sitting on our new deck, watching the sunset from our Pahi home, X-mas 2017”.

We can make the deadline by just building the deck but I would hope by that time our home is pretty much finished or at least habitable. That seems still far away with X-mas 2016 yet to take place but looking at the planning it seems doable but not a walk in the park. I heard stories recently where people had to wait for three months to start the build of their home with no availability of builders. Looking back we are already six months underway where in June 2016 we started the process by finding and selecting an architect for our home. In August two months later we signed a contract with our architect Duncan Firth from Solarei. Currently another four months later we have developed design drawings and all the detailed design drawings for building consent still have to be created.

Roughly our planning from to start finish is:

  • 2 months: selection of architect (Jun-Aug 2016, completed )
  • 4 months: Concept and developed design drawings (Aug- Dec 2016, completed)
  • 1 month: Building method selection, budget check and X-mas break (Dec 2016- Jan 2017)
  • 2 months: Detailed design drawings for building consent (Feb-Mar 2017)
  • 2 months: Building consent and builder selection (Apr-May 2017)
  • 5 months: Build of our home including groundworks (Jun-Nov 2017)

Without any major setbacks or delays our “deadline” should be achievable and we try to stick to the plan. Also since this deadline coincides with the school holidays and would be a more natural move for the kids during their summer break.

The other option is not to plan at all. “The beauty of not planning is that failure comes as a big surprise instead of being preceded by weeks of worry…..”

Also sounds good no worries building a home.


Margriet Geesink



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