Interior material choices and progress

With the exterior of the house finished more progress has been made on the interior.

Some of the choices we made on the interior:


We did nothing to the ceiling so the ceiling is just the interior side of the roof SIP panel.

Floor and stairs:

For the floor we chose recycled rimu from Kauri Warehouse because we liked the look and warmth of timber and specifically rimu and the option to use recycled timber. In the picture the floor hasn’t been coated yet. The floor is glued down with Marldon MXA200, a nil VOC BREEAM certified wood flooring glue. We debated between a hardwax and polyurethane topcoat and followed the recommendation of the company to go with polyurethane as the recycled rimu is already fairly thin and sanded down and would benefit from a more scratch resistant coating. The product that has been used is Bona Traffic a waterbased polyurethane with very low VOC, Greenguard and ECR1 very low emission rated.

For our stairs to the loft we also used recycled rimu beams and quite pleased how the first trial installation is looking.



We debated to leave the internal sides of the OSB structural insulated panels exposed but let aesthetics rule and put gib up so we’ll have smooth paintable walls.

I was really pleased to find a super sustainable paint option Graphenstone Ecosphere. I don’t think there are paints with more green certifications and features. A lime graphene based paint that absorbs CO2, is breathable, antibacterial, antifungal, C2C gold certified, C2C health gold, zero VOC and more. I was disappointed however by the way the paint looked after putting it on the first wall with a very rough finish, uneven bumps and spots so  I wouldn’t recommend using it unfortunately.

For some of the internal walls in the house we have opted to use birch plywood with a black negative detail.

Our IKEA kitchen is also halfway done and bathroom almost finished so we are getting there.

Almost time to move!

2 thoughts on “Interior material choices and progress

  1. Wow ! It looks amazing! I love the stairs to go to the loft 🙂 And I like your usual honesty and practicality with the paint…
    Almost there, it’s going to be amazing!

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