Building consent application in progress

Yes, two weeks ago we finally applied for building consent at the Kaipara District Council.

The total package:

  • 39 Pages of drawings
  • 27 Pages engineering calculations
  • 259 Pages project specifications
  • 1 Geotech (site suitability) report
  • 1 Onsite waste water and sewage system design report
  • 1 Producer statement design
  • 2 Memorandums of architect and structural engineer
  • 1 Weather tightness risk evaluation
  • 1 Building consent checklist
  • 1 certificate of title and consent notice
  • 1 creditcard payment resulting in $5,604 less in our bank account

Pretty good the whole package can be submitted online which saves me a few trees printing all the documents and you have visibility of the progress online.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 10.23.21 PM

The council has 20 days to process the application but every time they send out a request for more information the clock stops until a reply has been submitted. The first list of questions has been received in relation to the Resource Management Act. We need to confirm if we are within the allowed limit of earthworks, we are not cutting down any native trees and if the slope of our driveway complies. Tougher issue is they want us to apply for resource consent as we are not in compliance with the fire safety rules. We need another 45,000 L water storage on site for fire fighting purposes to avoid applying for resource consent as there is no reticulated water in Pahi. Also the pine forest next to us doesn’t give us the 20m clearance from trees we need around our home so need to talk with the neighbour to see if he will let us cut his trees.  We’ll see but good we are in the process of getting building consent so a little milestone is in progress. The next challenge is to find a builder who still has time to build a home this year. Some of them are already booked till the end of 2019! Ouch.



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