About Margriet Geesink & Francis Stevens

StevensGeesinkfamilyWe (Margriet Geesink & Francis Stevens) emigrated in December 2015 from the Netherlands to New Zealand with our children Madelief (2010) and Charlie (2012). We currently live in Whangarei. Our dream is to build a small and affordable sustainable home on our section in Pahi on the Kaipara Harbour.

After receiving her Masters of Science in Industrial Design Engineering Margriet worked for seven years in the Netherlands and the United States in the aerospace industry as a structural design engineer and manager. In 2008 she decided to follow her life-long passion for sustainability and renewables and has ever since been involved in this industry. She has worked on the development of tidal turbines, small windmills and researched and implemented small fish-friendly hydropower. Over the last seven years she has worked for the Dutch government as a consultant in energy reduction, green procurement for large infrastructural projects and setting up strategic plans and liaisons for carbon emission reduction. Currently she works as Sustainability Development Manager for the Northland District Health Board.

In addition to building a sustainable small house on the Kaipara Harbour, Francis is working to establish a strategic marketing and communications practice specialised in helping sustainable and innovative enterprises tell their stories, win mindshare and build great reputations. Francis is a multi-discipline marketing communications and public relations professional with more than 16 years’ experience. He started out as a sports journalist at a daily newspaper. Since then he’s worked for some of the most innovative and successful companies on earth. His strength is providing strategic communications services to responsible businesses in technology, finance and sustainability. You can check out his full CV by clicking here.